Material sales

Our stock is large and will cover most requirements. We stock monolithics, bricks, insulating materials, anchoring systems, insulating fibres, tube cleaning equipments, grates etc. This gives us the flexibility to supply materials on short notice to all kinds of industries. We also have long experience with material sales, even large tonnages.


Refractory castables


Refractory materials for any application. Insulators, standards, low cement and special castables. The materials can be supplied for basically any application, eg cast, gunned, handpacked.

Refractory bricks


We offer a wide range of refractory bricks in numerous qualities and sizes. Pleas contact us for information and quotes.

Ramming materials


Rammables of many qualities and with different bonding agents. Rammables are versatile materials that are easy to install and they do not require complicated shutterings or texhniques.



Ceramic, cast iron or steel in
any shapes, lengths or qualities.
This includes hexmesh, studding and others.

Gunning equipment


We stock nozzles and hoses, hoses and other spare parts for your gunning equipment



We sell grates for most types of incinerators, both moving and static grates. Please enquire about this.

Tube cleaning equipment


Brushes, cutters, lances and other tube cleaning spares are always in stock. Ask us for a quote on your next tube cleaner or industrial vacuum cleaner.

Refractory fibres


We have many products in many sizes and qualities: blankets, papers, foils, gaskets and ropes.

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